We connecting travellers to guides around the world

There are a thousand things to do and places to discover when visiting a new city!
The hardest part is choosing where to start and what to see. Start your vacancy with a guided tour! Thanks to a professional tour guide you can discover corners and curiosities that you i’ll can’t find in books.

Findthetourguide collects and selects the most interesting activities and tours, all over the world: our mission is to put in contact demand and offer, saving you time in research and allowing you to spend an unforgettable day or holiday!

What do we ask for in return? Absolutely nothing!

It is in fact a free service for both guides and tourists.

So, what do we earn? Nothing! For that there are advertising and donations…


  • the tourist who wishes to participate in a tour compiles the appropriate form
  • the guide will receive an email with the request of the tourist
  • the tourist will receive a summary e-mail from Findthetourguide with his request
  • the tourist will be directly contacted by the tour guide who organizes the guided tour to confirm the booking and to agree on the payment method (which will not take place through the site)
  • from this moment on, tourist guide and traveller will have their contact details and can communicate directly with each other
  • at this point our work is finished, now it’s all in your hands!