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Book one of our Excursions in the Aspromonte National Park, contacting a tourist guide through the site, and organize your excursion in the Aspromonte National Park to see and discover what nature has to offer you in Calabria.

All the activities carried out in the area of ​​the National Park of Aspromonte in Calabria complicit in nature historic sites and archaeological sites whether we talk about trekking, excursions, guided tours or educational itineraries.

The activities take place: in the Aspromonte National Park and throughout the province of Reggio Calabria (now Metropolitan City); in the Grecanica area (southern Ionic side); in the Armenian Byzantine area (low Ionian territory); in the high Ionian territory of Locride; in the Tyrrhenian side.

Excursions in the Aspromonte National Park follow archaeo-naturalistic itineraries, can last a week and take place in spring, summer, winter, and are:

1. Fortress Itinerary: “from Phrouria to Chorion” (from Greek fortresses to Greek countries)

From the Monte Limina Pass (northern border of the Aspromonte National Park), cross the Aspromonte ridge in a southerly direction using the ancient Dromos that once connected all the Greek Fortresses.
Food and Accommodation: you can use shelters, hostels in the upper areas of the P.N.A, hotels, tents, while in the Hellenophone area you can take advantage of the Grecanica Hospitality.

2. Byzantine itinerary: “from Kastron to Chorion (from Byzantine fortresses to countries)

Walking along the ancient “military” route created by the Byzantines under the Emperor Justinian I, 6th century AD we follow the steep ridges “halfway up” of the Aspromonte Grecanico that once connected the ancient Castras (the Byzantine Fortresses).
Food and Accommodation: the travel system done on foot uses the system of Grecanica Hospitality. You sleep and eat in the various countries using the houses of the Grecanici.

3. Route of the Narades: “from Chorion to Chorion” (along the countries of the Amendolea)

The Grecanica Area offers an extraordinary, ancient and little known network of paths that connected all the inland settlements such as the Chora of Roghudi, Africo, Casalinovo and the village of Santa Trada, without forgetting the many Greek-Byzantine monasteries and hermitages.
The trek can last a week but with the possibility to dive in these places even for one or more days.
Food and Accommodation: the travel system is to use Greek hospitality, sleeping and eating in various countries (Chora).

4. Itinerary between Chorion and nature: (from countries to inland areas)

This trek gives hikers the chance to discover the unknown realities of the Greek area and the primordial nature of the rest of the park. The itinerary of the Hellenophone area allows you to visit the Chora (villages) to discover their extraordinary history, the unthinkable landscapes and enjoy the ancient Greek cuisine. The nature itinerary, by entering short trips by minibus, allows you to make excursions completely immersed in the interior and wild places of the park; furthermore, upon request, there is also the possibility of spending one or more nights in high-altitude structures, or decide to return to the Grecanici countries.
Accommodation: Grecanica hospitality and, on request, moving to high altitude hotels, huts, hostels.

To request information or book an excursion, you can contact the guide by filling out the form, specifying the chosen itinerary.

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Grecanica hospitality: you sleep and eat in the various countries using the houses of the Grecanici
Accommodation for sleeping

About Me!
Since 1990 I dedicate myself to the Exploratory Naturalistic and Archaeological Historical Excursion, the first naturalistic activities are those carried out in the northern slope of the province of Reggio Calabria, continuing then on the rest of the territory. During the following years he obtained various specializations in the naturalistic, environmental didactic and human training fields, he continuously dedicated himself to hiking, exploration, photography, archeology to research. Currently I carry out the following activities: Official Guide of the National Park of Aspromonte and Guide Naturarcheo, which provides specialized activities on Naturarcheo trekking.

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